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EcoloBlue Review

EcoloBlue is a company that makes water generators or atmospheric water generators (AWG). If you don’t know what these are, they’re simply machines that will generate water from the air humidity. They’re like dehumidifiers but a lot more complex because the water they generate must be filtered in order to get the best water quality and purity possible for us to drink. These water generators are very efficient and frankly they’re a great innovative way to drink water.

The concept behind these machines is simple. Air has a lot of humidity (water) and by using the EcoloBlue water generators; you can extract the water from the air. Now, one problem remains. The water extracted or generated would not be clean or drinkable. So, EcoloBlue has introduced its infamous filtration system. It was 11 stages in the EcoloBlue 28 product and 12 stages in the EcoloBlue 30. With this system, the purity of water generated is %99.9 guaranteed.

In addition to that, these units can and will save you money on water delivery contracts. 5 gallons of water cost $10 while generating them using the EcoloBlue 28 or EcoloBlue 30 machines would cost you only $1. That’s $9 saving on every 5 gallons of water your family drinks. Isn’t that great?

Another great thing about these machines is that you can get rid of the fluoride in the water. We all know the problems of introducing these materials to our bodies. Sure, they’ll solve a problem but they’ll definitely create ten other problems.

The capacity of the EcoloBlue 28 atmospheric water generator is 7 gallons of water per day while the EcoloBlue 30 can generate more than 8 gallons. That’s more than what your family could drink and use for cooking per day. All at a small cost of $1.5/day.

The EcoloBlue water generators are perfect for a home, an office or even a boat. As long as you have electricity, you can use them. Oh, I forgot that they also have solar panels. These solar panels will even get the EcoloBlue generators to work even in the very remote locations where there’s no electricity or you can even use them at home and save the $1.5 too. This is just a great idea, isn’t it?

But wait, how can you be sure that the water being generated by EcoloBlue is safe to drink? I’m including the EcoloBlue water quality lab test results here so you can read them. The tests have been done by third-party labs which are not affiliated with EcoloBlue. So, you can rest assured that the water you’re going to drink is perfectly safe for you and your family.

Watch this video for a review of the EcoloBlue 28 product:

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You can read more about the EcoloBlue 28 here and you can read more about the EcoloBlue 30 here

One of the EcoloBlue clients said once:-

After me and my wife decided to try EcoloBlue 30, our kids were demanding their filtered water like toddlers after cookies. They homed to it after exercise and filled their bottles on comings and goings. Returning from a vacation, they insisted the Ecoloblue be immediately re-engaged. They wanted that cool and clean-tasting H2O.


Wouldn’t you like to drink some clean, pure water that is very good for once? EcoloBlue can provide you with that. So what are you waiting for? Visit the EcoloBlue Life & Energy website for more information.

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